Frequently asked questions

Do the yoyos come with a string?

- Yes! All yoyos include a string.

I'm just a beginner, what's the best yoyo for me?

- The YoYo Starter Set is best if you want to just give yoyoing a try. However, the YoYo Master Pack is the best option if you know you want to get into yoyoing and plan on learning advanced tricks.

What's the difference between "responsive" and "unresponsive" yoyos?

- Responsive yoyos come back to your hand with a just a tug and are made for beginner tricks. Unresponsive yoyos do not come back with a tug, instead they require a trick called the "bind" to come back. These yoyos are made for advanced tricks.

What is your return policy?

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What is your shipping policy?

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